house rules


Common does not exist. The Vatasin Empire speaks Vatasin a Germanic sounding language, the people of Bokel speak Moolenroy a harsh Nordic based language, the people of Lecrotia speak Lecrotian which is a pigeon hole language of cumprised of Persian and Italian elements, the people of Acanthia speak Lundian a Latin based language. The people of the Sikaiana islands speak many sub diolects derived from Sikaianes based on Polynesian dialects. The cobold dialect is based loosely upon Mezo-American dialects like that of the Incas and the Mayans.


Some particularly powerful magic items require users to become attuned in order to access some powers. In game this will function similarly to weapons of legend. It should be noted that no one can found an item of this magnitude and that the items are powerful in their own right. This means no one can create these potent magic items and that they are not character level specific. If a level two character becomes attuned then he or she gains all the powers and effects. Attunement is magical by nature and each item has a different process of attunment; some items may even have more then one path to Attunment, but regardless a character will be able to sense it is possible even if the method by which it is achieved remains a mystery. Good luck and happy hunting.


The game mechanic of harmony is based upon the idea that events and locations can resonate with magical or spiritual energy. All beings can, even if only faintly, sense this as a truth. Any location or event that could possibly alter ones life qualifies, but for in game mechanics and flow of story, only the potent ones will be reviled(revealed). As stated all sentient beings, and even a few non-sentient beings, can sense the resonance of these events and locations. Real life examples sufficiently potent events might be the towers falling on 9/11, the Kennedy Assassination, or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Examples of locations might be things along the lines of the Grand Canyon, the pyramids, Niagara Falls, or Old Faithful. All characters, save monks and druids, must be taught how to “open” themselves to the harmony of the event or location. This opening has three levels: hearing, feeling, and being. A site or event has no limit to how many people can harmonize with it on the hearing or feeling level, but any given person may only feel one site or event’s resonance at any one time, though they may switch later. Being works differently; only one person may be the harmony of a site or event, and once a person becomes the harmony they may never be or feel another harmony for the rest of their existence. It should be noted that hearing remains open to them though. Becoming the harmony takes more than a simple choice. A character must first be able to open to the the harmony and then have some form of synergy with the specific harmony. This could take the form of feats or high skill levels. A person with high diplomacy or bluff might be able to become the harmony of NY’s time square, an archer with precise shot might be able to become the harmony of William Tell as he shot the apple off of his son’s head, A person with enough ranks in craft art might be able to become the harmony of the Mona Lisa, and a person with high knowledge religion or the true believer feet might be able the become the harmony of the sistine chapel. Traits might also fill a requirement for becoming, so feel free to ask.

house rules

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