Papirus of Routs

A Parchment that tracks a characters movement in the world


This moderate magic item is a map of the characters movement. it adds details along a line that looks to be burned into the parchment. the details include amount of growth (not type), water ways, elevation (contour lines), places camped, and structures (size only). it will keep the record for 7 days, and up to 50 miles in diamiter from the casting point. when the time runs out, it begins fading from the time it started recording at the rate the character traveled.
To activate the map tracking, make a use magical device check (DC12). this is a simple succeed/fail check.
The parchment is 3′×3′ when folded out and can be folded to 4″×8″. it weighs 0.2 lbs. only one side of the parchment works for this. when folded, the back side shows. normal cost is 2,000 gp.


Papirus of Routs

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