Nalaena "Nala" Falcon

A young and pulchritudinous courtisan.


Nala is a young woman in her twenties. She is of average height and has rather fair skin. She is quite slender but has muscular legs. Her hair is varying colors between blond and light brown, died with lemon juice or henna. Her large blue eyes are alert and bright. Her face is very attractive and intelligent. She wears make-up and styles her hair. Her clothes vary for occasion but are on average extremely skimpy and light. Most of her clothes are aimed at her profession and there-for are flashy, stylish, and attractive. Her armor consists of a studded leather vest/chest plate (think The Rocketeer style), one leather fore arm gaurd on her right arm, archer’s gloves, and knee-high leather boots.

Stats Combat Skills
Str: 12 – 1 Init: 2 Acrobat 8
Dex: 15 – 2 AC: 15 Appraise 6
Con: 13 – 1 Fort: 2 Bluff 11
Int: 15 – 2 Ref: 6 Climb 6
Wis: 15 – 2 Will: 3 Diplo 11
Cha: 16 – 3 BAB: 3 Escape 8
Speed: 30 CMB: 3 Know:Dungeon 6
CMD: 15 Know: Local 8
Know:Nobility 4
Weapons Lingui 6
Throwing Daggers Percep 10
—Range 15 Profession: Courtisan 9
—Ammo 6 Sense Mot 10
—Att Bo 4 Slight O Hand 9
—Crit 19/20 Stealth 10
—Dam 1d6 Swim 5
Short Bow Use Mag Device 8
Handle Ani* 4
Ride* 3

Nalaena, or Nala as she is more commonly called, is a young woman working as an upper-class prostitute. Her personality is sarcastic and sassy, but she rarely expresses her honest opinion. Though outgoing in work (or play?), she seldom becomes close to any one person. This is partially because she travels from place to place, and partially because of her guarded nature. Not much is known of her except that she likes to make money, likes to drink (specifically “Pink Drinks”), and has a soft spot for children (even Kobolds). She is ambitious, and is usually up for an adventure, more so if money is involved, though, her motives thus far seem to be motivated by more than just money.
The other characters in the story have neither asked nor shown intrest in where Nala came from, or who she was, and she’d like to keep it that way…

Nalaena "Nala" Falcon

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