A Grain on the Scale

the best worst drinking

never drink against a troll.... NEVER!

1———-ok (18)—————-great (25+)————-great
2———-tipsy (16)————great (25+)————-coughed
3———-ok (18; infected)-great (25+)————-coughed
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mead break~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
4———-great (31)————ok (24)——————-great
5———-ok (25)—————-poor (20) ops out—-solid
6———-tipsy (21)——————————————tipsy
7———-poor (19)——————————————-tipsy
8———-drunk (28)——————————————ok
9———-drunk (28)——————————————very drunk
10———very drunk (27)———————————-drunk
11———very drunk (28)———————————-drunk
12———pukes (20)——————————————drunk (wins!)



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