A Grain on the Scale

Loot for the town, circle, and joust fight

Here is the Loot List

While Elric, Nala, Nyan, and Suska busied themselves with saving a besieged village from a pack of bandits, the others proceeded on to keep the party’s “main objective,” which was to protect the kobold queen from Duke Kinter Cassio’s assembly of knights. They rode for a time and did catch up to the queen and her honor guard, at which point they concocted a distraction for the knights, which included disguising the strongest fighter of the guard as the queen. After some light-hearted teasing at this kobold’s expense, Lumas summoned a horse for the queen to ride ahead on. Moments later, one of the two other kobolds who had decided to stay behind in support of the new “queen” spotted a dust cloud in the distance and alerted the others that the knights were coming. The group laid out a trap comprised of pits and well-hidden spikes for the knights’ horses to fall through. Lumas cast a spell to make the two of the guard not disguised invisible to add to the element of surprise and Tec cast a shield spell. Also in preparation for the onslaught, Ingo grabbed up a tripod, lay down with it, and mounted a giant crossbow to it.
p. Thus organized, the group defended themselves stoutly against the five knights—one of which carried a flaming lance—trapping two in the pits they’d dug. At one point, the “queen” was struck by a particularly observant knight, who knocked the borrowed crown from “her” head and realized he and his troupe had been fooled into attempting to capture a decoy. Enraged (and likely a bit embarrassed), he urged his mount into a hard gallop in the direction they had initially been heading, in pursuit of the true queen. In spite of this setback and some injuries, Tec, his two kinsmen, Ingo, and Lumas dispensed of the remaining knights; Lumas had the presence of mind to follow the lone runner astride Morgan.
p. When the dust had settled and the remaining party members had a moment to look around, Elric, Nala, Nyan, and Suska caught up to them on foot, having had to leave their exhausted horses behind. Reunited, the whole party shared information and took stock of the fallen knights’ possessions, among which was an extraordinary but injured mix-breed horse that was ready and willing to still run. Having noted this, some insisted that a strong rider take the horse in pursuit of the runaway knight in spite of its injury, which Nyan realized was severe enough to cripple the animal if forced to run; the more soft-hearted of the lot, including Nyan, Eric and Suska, could not bring themselves to allow such treatment of a living creature. While the others argued back and forth, impetuous Nala mounted the stallion and attempted to end the argument by leaving no choice, but was thrown to the ground by the surprised beast instead. Two of the kobolds quickly grabbed its reins. Ingo was particularly anxious to get on with the chase in spite of the consequences to the horse, but was convinced through promise of reimbursement of ingredient cost by Elric to instead feed it a restoration potion that would allow the run without further disservice to the impressive creature.
p. Potion (very grudgingly) given, Elric grabbed up the flaming lance, mounted and stripped off the horse’s armor as he went to more effectively give chase. He quickly caught up to Lumas and Morgan. Lumas saw the speed advantage and hopped up behind Elric, unsummoning Morgan. Together, they gained on the determined knight, causing him to wheel about to face them and draw the sword at his hip, which became a lance as he drew it. Eyes wide, the two drew up and prepared for a joust. Lumas once again summoned Morgan to aid in battle, and together they took on the intimidating knight. Elric pressed particularly hard, sending bits of armor flying from the knight’s body. Morgan tried to pin their combatant, but left an opening for the knight to swallow a potion none of them could readily identify. After the horseman attempted to unsaddle him, Elric went into a rage, charged, and impaled him on his looted lance, launching bits of gore into the air.
p. Meanwhile, Lumas and Elric’s associates quarreled over how to treat the two of Cassio’s champions who they found were left alive but unconscious. Once again, Tec and Ingo were at odds with Suska and Nala: Tec and Ingo asserted that the two should be killed to avoid drawing further ire from Cassio, while Suska and Nala couldn’t abide taking the lives of two unconscious men. Ultimately, one of their kobold companions suggested that they be placed into custody in the kobolds’ prison, which drew a consensus from the group. Elric and Lumas made it back to the group. They made camp where they were and established the night’s watches.
p. During Nala’s watch, she heard a gurgling noise and moved from her post to find its source. She followed the sound to a monstrous humanoid with pale skin whose mouth dribbled blood. The thing dropped the knight prisoner it had been feeding on, and Nala realized it was a wight. The wight grabbed her face as she screamed alarm, but was struck from behind by an awakened kobold spearman and a dagger from Ingo. Nala took this opportunity to make a run for it, but was snatched again by the wight, who weakened her visibly with a touch. Unbelievably, the wight’s body ejected Ingo’s dagger then, and those who saw this realized it drew energy from the living to keep its body going. By then, Suska had come up on the horror, striking it from behind and yelling for someone to check on the fallen knight. Nala answered the call by slinking silently up to his body and discovered him rising, the color draining from him entirely. She screamed again. Elric and Suska moved to take the first demon out, and it grabbed Elric by the throat, deadening the flesh of his throat and almost dropping him. He ended up killing the fiend instead, luckily, and lived to aid in destroying the new monstrosity. Before that, however, in his own attempt to take out the second wight, Ingo accidentally cast a dagger into Nala. After all was safe again, Suska healed this and several other wounds, including Elric’s, but unlike Nala, he was unable to completely overcome the effects of the wight’s deadly touch. He was told by Tec, however, that there was hope in finding a cleric to heal this particular affliction. Suska’s compassionate nature and special affection for Elric cause her to be especially dedicated to nursing him back to full capacity.


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